A social inquiry based on the Cardijn method of See Judge Act.

It is conducted by a group of Christians who have become aware of a problem occurring amongst family members, friends, neighbour and work mates because of lockdowns in their societies.

This group would meet weekly with a comprehensive agenda.

The primary purpose of the meeting is to identify amongst family, friends etc., those experiencing isolation.  Each member would identify problems faced by their contacts. There would follow discussions about those problems and decisions taken to implement an action or a form of support.

Facts and realities are crucial; the meeting would not be a general type discussion group.


Open and welcome


Gospel reading and discussion.

Inquiry Isolation


Do I have any personal experience of isolation?

Do I know of family or friends who do feel isolated?

Do you, they, speak openly of these issues?

Do you, they speak of serious effects of this isolation?

Are family relationships affected?

Are there health issues involved?

Are there economic issues involved?


Do you think these issues should be a concern for Christian family and friends?


Can you offer any form of support to people experiencing these issues? What can you do in any particular case?

Is there an opportunity within the local parish to offer support?

Next meeting

Closing Prayer.

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