Wealth vs Friendship Enquiry

Salisbury Parish Cardijn Community. 

Wealth vs Friendships

What was the historical context when Joseph Cardijn said, “A young worker is worth more than all the gold in the world?”


How do you put thought and effort into your wealth?

How do you put thought and effort into your friendships?


What do you think about what has been said?

What affects how we prioritize wealth and friendships?

Can you recall any of Jesus’s teachings about this? 

Pope Francis says:

“People and relationships are more valuable than things and the truly wealthy are those who are rich in friends.”

“Wealth can encourage the erection of walls, create divisions and discrimination.”

“It is an invitation to know how to transform goods and riches into relationships, because people are worth more than things and count more than the wealth they possess”.

“In life, it is not those who have so many riches who bear fruit, but those who create and keep so many bonds, so many relationships, so many friendships through the different gifts with which God has endowed them.”


What needs to change in the world?

What are you going to do in your own life?

Photo credit: Edgar Jiménez / Wikipedia / CCA BY SA 2.0