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“I can’t believe my local Target has closed at Mawson Lakes. It has been such a reliable part of my life. I used to go there with my mum and friends, then to the grocery store, and finally, we would have a cup of tea nearby. I am devastated it has closed.” Review from Samantha DeConno of Salisbury Parish Cardijn Gospel Group


Can you relate to what Samantha is saying?

What is your experience with attending physical stores and shopping online?

“Monash University researcher Dr Eloise Zoppos said rather than a “retail apocalypse”, there has been a changing of the guard where power has shifted firmly back to consumers. Seven in 10 Australians shopped at bricks and mortar stores “most of the time” or “always”, the latest research from the university’s Australian Consumer and Retail Studies unit has found. The remainder favoured buying goods online. Surprisingly, the popularity of physical stores has increased.”  Advertiser Feb 23 2020

What do you make of the research done by Dr Zoppos?


What do you think about shopping in-store or online?

Therefore, do not be afraid to pound the streets, to enter every corner of society, to go out to the city limits, to touch the wounds of our people… this is the Church of God, who rolls up her sleeves to go out to meet the other, without judging or condemning him, but rather reaching out to him, to support, to encourage or simply to accompany him in his life. May the Lord’s command always resonate with you: “Go … and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28: 19).  Pope Francis 14 February 2020

How does what the Pope is saying help us judge this?

What do you think about the conditions of retail work relating to in-store and online shopping?


How are you going to shop in future?

Can we give some thought to retail workers when we are shopping?

Can we take steps to increase awareness of this issue in our communities?