Present and former YCW leaders joined with the Cardijn Community Australia on 8 September to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the YCW in Melbourne in 1941.

Fr Bruce Duncan CSsR celebrated a mass with us at the YCW House in North Fitzroy. In his homily, he noted the connection of the anniversary with the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, linking it to the “incarnational” theology of the movement.

Current Australian YCW national president, Zoe Cresswell, welcomed participants, thanking them for the contribution to the movement over the years.

On behalf of CCA, Stefan Gigacz said the event was an expression of solidarity with the new generation of YCW leaders and highlighted the need for former YCWs to support the growth of the movement today.

“Recent newspaper reports of the underpayment of tens of thousands of young workers in supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants exposed by former YCW fulltime worker, Josh Cullinan, have illustrated the continuing need for the YCW today,” he said.

Wayne McGough signaled the enquiry into family life currently being developed by the Cardijn Community.

Following the mass, we adjourned to the Lord Newry Hotel for further sharing of memories and development of intergenerational solidarity.

Cardijn Community Australia founder Kevin Vaughan with former Melbourne diocesan leader, Fr Wayne Edwards 
 Former Melbourne YCW fulltimer Terry Byrne with former national leader Julie Mercer

 Former Brisbane YCW president Chris Hartigan with current YCS worker Jessica Russell

 Cardijn Community leader Wayne McGough
 Current YCW national president Zoe Cresswell with Denis Sheehan, Di Dixon, Mick O’Brien, Mick Leahy, Chris Dixon and Fr Bruce Duncan
Kevin Vaughan with former YCW national leader Fred Sim
Former Labor MHR Dr Race Mathews, who is currently a book on distributism which sheds light on the contribution of the YCW Cooperative, with Denis Sheehan

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