We’ve all seen examples of how people voluntarily give of themselves in bush fires, floods, and war. These hard times can bring out the best in a community.


Do you volunteer by giving your own time to others unpaid? Tell us about it.

So, what do we know about volunteering in our wider community? Give examples.

Tell us about voluntary roles in the church?


What do you find are the benefits of volunteering for individual, for community?

In Peter Britton’s book, EVERYTHING AND NOTHING, Bill Armstrong, former Australia Young Christian Workers National President says,  “Volunteering, and the work of volunteers, is absolutely essential to the building of civil society. Civil society cannot be built on competition. Civil society cannot be built on money and material wealth. Civil society must be, and will be, built on goodwill, on partnership, on sharing, on equity, based on agreed values and justice for all.”

Can you think of potential pitfalls or downsides to volunteering?

What input would Jesus contribute towards this discussion?


What individual or collective actions will happen moving forward?

Could we support the work of volunteers in some way?

“You know, if everyone did a bit extra for other people the world would be a much better place.” Father Hugh O’Sullivan (Chaplain Salisbury YCW)

Could someone send Mark Ager a few reflections on our meeting to contribute to an analysis:

Not war and peace please.



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