Between October and December 2023 Australians will vote whether to enshrine a ‘voice’ to parliament that will give a group of indigenous people chosen specifically to have a say on laws, policies and programs that directly affect First Nations people.


Let’s read the Uluru Statement from the Heart.  What strikes you about it?


What is the reality of indigenous people in Australia?

What is the voice to parliament aiming to achieve?


What are your thoughts?

How can we apply our Christianity?


What do we need to do as good citizens and as people of faith?

How can we show our care for indigenous people we know during the referendum?

“We know how divided some Aboriginal people are. And yet with so many language groups, and so many competing issues, those same diverse Aboriginal people managed to produce the Statement from the Heart at Uluru.” Father Jim Monaghan (Former Chaplain Australia Young Christian Workers)

Does someone want to finish with a prayer about the referendum?

Hope you enjoyed the discussion. Please send in some of your thoughts for our report.



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