Chicago priest Fr. Louis Cameli, who has extensive experience as a chaplain to the jocist-inspired Christian Family Movement (CFM), explained “Rediscovering co-responsibility in the mission” in this webinar, co-organised by the Australian Cardijn Institute (ACI) and the Cardijn Associates USA.

Rediscovering Co-Responsibility in Mission: Insights from Fr. Louis Cameli
In the heart of Chicago, Fr. Louis Cameli emerges as a beacon of spiritual guidance, emphasizing the importance of “co-responsibility in mission.” With a rich background in pastoral work, including his role as a chaplain to a Christian Family Movement (CFM) group, Fr. Cameli draws inspiration from the Jocist movement’s principles of unity and interconnectedness.

The Concept of Co-Responsibility in Mission
Co-responsibility in mission transcends mere task-sharing. It involves recognizing each individual’s unique role in a collective spiritual endeavour. This concept emphasizes that our actions, no matter how small, contribute to a larger, shared purpose. He indicates that this is the heart of Pope Francis’s call to synodality.

Fr. Cameli’s Interpretation
Fr. Cameli interprets co-responsibility as a call to action, urging individuals to take ownership of their roles within the spiritual community. He believes that by embracing this idea, we acknowledge our part in something greater than ourselves, and our actions can profoundly impact the world.

The Role of the Christian Family Movement
Under Fr. Cameli’s guidance, the CFM group to which he belonged tried to promote the concept of co-responsibility, paralleling the supportive structure of the Jocist movement. The CFM exemplifies the strength of unity and shared responsibility, reinforcing the importance of collective action in spiritual missions.

Overcoming Obstacles to Embrace Synodality
A significant challenge to embracing synodality in the Catholic Church is overcoming the passive consumer mindset among church members. Fr. Cameli highlights the need for a cultural shift towards active participation and co-responsibility. This shift involves fostering dialogue, witness, worship, and retrieval of past experiences to build a synodal future.

Fr. Louis Cameli’s insights into co-responsibility in mission remind us of the power of collective action. As we journey through our spiritual paths, we must remember that we are part of a larger community. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in our world through unity and shared responsibility.

For more, you can watch the video recording of the webinar.

By Greg Lopez

Member of the Australian Cardijn Institute (ACI), Cardijn Community Australia (CCA) and lay chaplain with the International Catholic Student Movement, Asia Pacific.

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