Seniors Enquiry

Seniors Enquiry 

The purpose of this enquiry is to enable senior/retired men and women, possibly no more than 5 or 6 at a time, to come together and discuss the issues that impact on their lives. The idea is that small groups could be formed and gathering would be held at times and frequencies and venues suitable to those members.  It is intended that the gatherings and discussions would be based on factual experiences and not opinions and generalisations. 

Of course not every question could be dealt with at one gathering so a program could be arranged to suit each group.

It is intended that the gatherings would be organised in a catholic parish where a large number of people might be interested, if so, groups of 5 o 6 people could be formed. Some might be all women, all men, mixed. Some might be single men, single women. Some might be focused on one particular issue.

Experience tells us that success comes when there is an experienced person convenes /chairs these gatherings. Selecting this person is possibly the first and most important objective of the total gathering and in each small group.

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Have I retired from my normal employment?

Have I any idea/plan for my retirement?

Do I have sufficient funding for my retirement?

Am I still in a relationship with my spouse?

Is my spouse alive?

How is her/his health?

Do I experience good health?

Do I experience poor health?

Am I in contact with my children and extended family?

Do they share their concerns with me/us?

Are there any unpleasant issues between us?

Do I, we have friends and a social life?

Do I play sport?

Do we travel?

Am I bored with retired life?

Do I associate with my former work mates?

Do I discuss my will with others?

Do I discuss health issues with family members, friends?

Do I/we inform ourselves of these questions?

Would I prefer to return to some form of employment?

Do I experience any form of loneliness, anxiety, depression?

How do my friends cope in similar circumstances?

Would I like to gather with people who are experiencing a particular issue so that together we address this issue?

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What exactly is happening?
What is this doing to people? {Consequences}
Why is this happening?


What do you think about all this?
What do you think should be happening?
What does your faith say?


What is it that you want to change? {Long-term goal}
What action are you going to take now? {Short-term goal}
Who can you involve in your action?

These nine questions can be applied to any issue a Cardijn group may wish to inquire into.

A list of questions on a particular issue would be developed by a convenor or leadership group and the nine questions would be applied to the questions by the group. Each member of the group would provide facts and observations in answer to the questions; opinions and generalisations are of no value.